Evander Kane and Corey Perry arguing on the Oilers bench.
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Corey Perry breaks silence on his heated argument with Evander Kane

Published April 8, 2024 at 2:08 PM

The cameras caught a very interesting interaction between Evander Kane and Corey Perry on the weekend, and now it's officially been addressed.

The Edmonton Oilers have certainly been having their issues lately, with Evander Kane being involved in an argument on the Oilers bench for the second time in the past few weeks. This time it was with mid-season acquisition Corey Perry, and while it's certainly not a good sign, the former Chicago Blackhawks veteran has addressed the situation.

«It happens. Brothers fight and argue. We are trying to make each other better. We talked about it after, apologize and move on. It happens in the room often, it just happened that the camera showed it,» Perry on interaction with Kane.

In the heat of the moment on the bench, it's easy to make judgements about an argument like this, but when players and a team as a whole are pushing to be their best, it's certainly never going to come without issues. On paper, this lineup can be good enough to win the Stanley Cup, but we've heard of locker room drama surrounding Kane as well as these two public arguments, so now, he'll have to dial it back if this team is to go deep in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

For now at least, things seem settled for the Oilers, but if it happens again, it's tough to just brush it to the side.
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Corey Perry breaks silence on his heated argument with Evander Kane

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