Insider reveals Oilers locker room sending a message to Evander Kane

Dawson McKenzie
April 8, 2024  (11:16)

Evander Kane battling in the corner for the puck during a game for the Edmonton Oilers
Photo credit: Sportsnet

An NHL insider has just revealed that the players in the Edmonton Oilers locker room are deliberately sending a message to Evander Kane in order to get him back to his potential.

The Edmonton Oilers have had such a drama-filled season this year, going from the lowest of the lows earlier in the season and firing their head coach, to an incredible win streak and now getting ready for the playoffs. However, it seems the drama between the players is not done.
Evander Kane is one of the bigger question marks in the Oilers locker room going into the post-season. They need him to be at the top of his game if they want to have success, however, he has seemingly struggled down the stretch. Now, Elliotte Friedman has revealed that he believes the Oilers players themselves are giving him tough love in order to bring him back up to his potential.
"I think they've just decided they are going to ride him until he gets there," speculated Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcast. "It's gonna be tough love and it's not gonna be the coach that's gonna do it, it's gonna be the players."

"My theory is that the Oilers know if they are gonna be successful in the playoffs, they need Evander Kane," said Friedman. "They need him, they need him. They don't just need him to just be moderately engaged, they need big pain in the ass Evander Kane, they need top forechecker in the league Evander Kane."
This all stems from Kane being seen getting yelled at on a few occasions, most recently by veteran Corey Perry. Kevin Bieksa speculated that this was a result of a lazy turnover by Kane, something that the Oilers definitely want to get rid of going into the playoffs.
For Oilers' sake, they will have to ride Kane until he performs up to standard again in the final few games of the regular season.