Gary Bettman Under Fire After Failing to Promote McDavid

Published May 14, 2023 at 4:08 PM

Tonight, the ice is set for an exciting game between Edmonton and Vegas, the only NHL game on the schedule. Although this might not seem unusual, it draws attention to a potentially missed opportunity by NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman.

Gary Bettman Under Fire After Failing to Promote McDavid

Bettman, who has voiced his intent to grow the game, seems to be overlooking a golden chance to boost viewership and engage potential fans.

The reason? The game's timing. Scheduled to start at 10 pm EST, the match featuring the best player in the NHL, Connor McDavid, could arguably attract a significantly larger audience if it were to begin at a more viewer-friendly slot, say 7 pm EST/4 pm WST.

It's a weekend, and afternoon games are fairly standard. By shifting the game three hours earlier, Bettman would possibly attract more viewers.

While ESPN will broadcast the game regardless, the potential viewership would undoubtedly be higher with an earlier start.

Bettman's apparent reluctance to make this minor adjustment is puzzling, especially given his stated goal of game expansion.

But if the game's late start means this budding fan misses out, it's a loss not just for them, but for the future growth of the NHL. And it all comes down to whether Bettman is willing to make a small change to amplify the reach of the game he's vowed to grow.

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Gary Bettman Under Fire After Failing to Promote McDavid

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