Unveiling the Leafs' Strategy for Several Upcoming UFAs

Published May 14, 2023 at 2:31 PM

Maple Leafs Off-Season Strategies: A Delicate Balancing Act

As the playoff journey concluded prematurely for the Maple Leafs, the team's focus swiftly pivots towards off-season strategies. The future of the team's GM, Kyle Dubas, in Toronto remains in limbo, although a decision on his status is anticipated in the near future.

Addressing the Challenge of Expiring Contracts

With numerous player contracts reaching their end, the challenge for the general manager is to strategically negotiate within the constraints of the salary cap to secure contract renewals.

Toronto's Situation: The Spotlight on Three UFAs

Insiders used the intermission during the Dallas vs Seattle game to discuss the developing situation in Toronto, particularly the futures of three Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs).

Leafs' Plans for Key UFAs Unveiled

Elliotte Friedman, David Amber, and Kevin Bieksa weighed in on the issue, contemplating the potential scenarios for Ryan O'Reilly, Noel Acciari, and Luke Schenn. Friedman explained the Leafs' interest in re-signing these players:

«It depends on what all those players want to do... I don't think you can bring all 3 of them back, but the 3 of them individually, I think they'd be interested in bringing them back, it's just 'can you do it?'... the number one question is Matthews."

Auston Matthews: The Top Priority

The utmost priority lies with Auston Matthews. Despite having a year remaining on his contract, the Leafs must consider Matthews' status while negotiating with this year's UFAs.

The Impact of O'Reilly, Schenn, and Acciari

O'Reilly, Schenn, and Acciari all had significant roles during the playoffs. However, if Dubas wishes to retain Matthews, he may face the challenge of not being able to bring all three players back. Matthews is expected to command a large contract, which will occupy a substantial portion of the cap space.

The Imminent Challenge for Dubas

One thing is clear and that's the fact that Dubas faces significant decision-making in the forthcoming weeks as he contemplates the best strategies for the team.

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Unveiling the Leafs' Strategy for Several Upcoming UFAs

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