Is Another NHL Expansion Coming? An Insider Has Hinted at Two New Teams

Published March 5, 2023 at 6:39 PM
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The NHL's recent expansion franchises have been highly successful, leading to speculation that the league may consider expanding once more. An insider has nw provided hinted as to where this expansion might occur.

Weekes Hints at Two New Franchises

Kevin Weekes, a highly respected insider in the sport, enjoys teasing fans with small hints about upcoming events. Today, he dropped a hint about something massive.

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The NHL's recent expansion success with the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken has increased the likelihood of future expansion. A Twitter account suggested that the next two franchises could be a revived Atlanta Thrashers team and a new Houston team based on the old AHL team, the Aeros.

Weekes responded to this speculation with a suggestive set of emojis, implying that there may be more truth to these rumours than previously thought.

If the rumors about potential expansion to Atlanta and Houston are true, it will certainly be an exciting time for fans of those cities and the league as a whole.
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