Victim of Violent Hit to the Head Speaks Up Against Perpetrator

Published March 5, 2023 at 1:57 PM
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During a hockey game between the St. Paul Canadiens and the Vermillion Tigers in Alberta, Joel Webb was on the receiving end of a violent hit to the head from Kurtis Labant.

Victim Of A Dangerous Hit to the Head by Repeat Offender Speaks Up

As depicted in the video, Labant forcefully pushed Webb during a game, resulting in Webb falling and hitting his head and neck against the boards, which caused him to lose consciousness. As a consequence of this incident, Webb has been struggling with both physical and mental repercussions.

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Recently, he shared a poignant account of his experience.

I was knocked out the other night on a ruthless hit, I have been sitting in a dark room since. I have not left my house. This player is a repeat offender and only received a 3-4 game suspension. Players get suspended more for saying bad words. Do feelings matter more than health?

This is pathetic @neajbhl people like this should not be allowed to play hockey. It puts everyone on the ice in danger when someone like that is allowed to play. Disgusting.

@HockeyAlberta do something about this. Looks great on you when you let someone continuously does shit like this with minimal repercussions.

Webb highlighted a particularly concerning issue - Labant's history of dangerous play. Despite being a repeat offender, Labant received only a 3-4 game suspension for his actions. In light of this, Webb criticized the hockey league and called for more stringent measures to be taken against players like Labant, whose actions jeopardize the safety of fellow players.

Hopefully Webb will be healthy soon, and can resume his hockey journey.
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