Former NHL Goaltender Goes Viral After a Hilarious Water Bottle Throw at a Referee

March 5, 2023  (11:39)

Kasimir Kaskisuo, a former NHL goalie, has become an internet sensation after his wife shared a video of him throwing a water bottle an impressive distance at a referee.

Kaskisuo's Water Bottle Throw Goes Viral

Kasimir Kaskisuo, a former NHL goaltender who appeared in two games for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Nashville Predators, currently plays for Leksands of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). After spending over a decade in North America, he returned back to Europe for the 2021-22 season and has quickly established himself as the team's 1B goaltender.
During a recent game against HV71, Kaskisuo became involved in a disagreement with a referee, which led him to throw his water bottle at the official. The incident has gained significant attention online, thanks to a video shared by his wife.

The SHL decided to suspend him five games for his actions:
All forms of improper body contact against a referee or other official must be punished with game misconduct on the ice (Rule 40.1) and reported to the disciplinary committee. The footage shows that Kasimir Kaskisuo picks up his water bottle after the final whistle and throws it at the referee, who is some distance away with his back to Kasimir Kaskisuo.

The bottle hits the referee's head. Kaskisuo shall be punished for physical abuse of officials and shall lead to a suspension in accordance with the decision above. Kaskisuo must also pay a fine in the amount stated in the decision.

Kaskisuo then explained his actions:
After an obvious too many men on the ice and/or offside in the same situation, I let in a poor goal in an important loss, and my emotions and frustration took over.

As an athlete on the highest level, I should handle these things in another way. In this case I didn't and for that I'm very sorry and feel embarrassed about it. I apologize to the referee, my teammates, the organization, and the fans.

In a lighthearted response to her husband's water bottle throwing incident, Whitney Skoog, a social media influencer and Kaskisuo's wife, shared a TikTok video playfully condemning her spouse's behavior. She even jokingly asked her followers if they would be willing to donate money to pay for his actions.
Kaskisuo then hilariously replied "no shopping for a few months honey"

At least we can all laugh about this now. See you in five games Kasimir!
Source: HockeyLatest