Shocking Allegations of Racism: Connor Bedard's Treatment of Indigenous People

March 5, 2023  (4:08 PM)

Connor Bedard has now faced a scandal before even being drafted, as he is being criticized for his behaviour towards indigenous children after the recent Regina Pats game.

Bedard Under Fire

At the young age of 17, Connor Bedard has already gained widespread recognition as an outstanding hockey player and is even on track to surpass Connor McDavid's D0 production. As a result, he has become a household name and a role model for many children.
However, after his recent game, he was seen physically distancing himself from a group of indigenous children who were hoping to meet their idol as he made his way down the tunnel.
Connor Bedard snubbing Native kids clearly pulling away from them. Goes on down to acknowledge and greet non brown folks. Pulled from multiple group pages and from the mothers public post.
Here was one of the children's mothers public post:
Well we had quite the evening, kids sure loved it. But here is is my downfall post, I will make a new post with all the pictures of the kids, right here you can clearly see BEDARD raise his arm and stick it's sad because all the kids were so excited to see this guy and he does them all wrong and not even to smile or look friendly at all. These kids cheered so hard for him before he came out and for some of the kids to be disappointed and let down, he goes further down the line and greets other people opposite of our colour. our kids, our future hockey players look up to hockey players like this guy and does them like this? I felt for them tbh but that didn't stop them from cheering him on and that goes to show how forgiving and innocent these children are.
There was absolutely no need for this joke to do that to us aboriginal people. No need at all!!
Bedard's actions towards these indigenous children is completely unacceptable and requires attention as he prepares to enter the NHL in a few months.
It is extremely disappointing to see such behavior from a player who should be serving as a positive role model for others.