Former NHL Analyst: "You Have To Trade Nylander This Summer"

Published July 13, 2023 at 4:23 PM
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It is of no surprise anymore that William Nylander has made quite the ambitious contract request, demanding north of $10 million annually.

While the talented Swedish winger's performance justifies this hefty sum when compared to his high-earning teammates, it appears that the Leafs are hesitant to loosen their purse strings.

What Does Nylander To The Hurricanes Look Like

Rachel Doerrie of The Hockey News, in a recent episode of the Staff & Graff podcast, discussed the Leafs' options concerning Nylander. She proposed that the Carolina Hurricanes could swoop in and secure a potential game-changer in the form of Nylander.

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With Pesce now on the trading block, presumably due to the Hurricanes' keen interest in defenseman Erik Karlsson, and Necas showing promise as a young mid-line forward perfectly suited for the Leafs' second line, this deal could just work. Adding a draft pick or two from Carolina's side might be the details that might just turn this hypothetical scenario into reality.

Defense Wins Stanley Cups!

Should they proceed with this trade, the Leafs have several potential game plans. They could trade Pesce in a separate deal, gaining another prospect, a draft pick, or an additional forward.

Alternatively, if they find Pesce's abilities appealing enough to retain, they could consider trading another player, like T.J. Brodie or Connor Timmins.

The Leafs are not short of capable defensemen. With eight NHL-ready players already under contract, not even including Jake Muzzin who's on the injured reserve list, Pesce's addition would round that up to nine. But with limited roster spots, they are in a predicament. However, this might not necessarily be a problem if they navigate wisely.

The Leafs' situation is far from scarce options, and their surplus of depth is certainly an advantage. This strength can be wielded as a bargaining chip in potential trade negotiations.

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