Insider Reveals The Motive Behind The Galchenyuk Termination

Published July 13, 2023 at 1:59 PM
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Insider Greg Whyshynski has revealed why the Arizona Coyotes have decided to terminate Alex Galchenyuk's contract.

The Coyotes Terminate Galchenyuk

In a surprising move, the Arizona Coyotes have decided to cut ties with Alex Galchenyuk by placing him on unconditional waivers and terminating his contract. The decision comes just 12 days after the Coyotes signed the former 3rd overall pick of the 2012 NHL Draft to a one-year deal.

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Insider Greg Wyshynski has shed some light on the matter, revealing that the Coyotes deemed it necessary to sever ties with the player due to this undisclosed "off-ice situation".

The exact details of the "off-ice situation" that led to the termination of Galchenyuk's contract remain undisclosed.

The Once Promising Prospect

It is unfortunate to see this turn of events for Galchenyuk, who showed promise as a talented forward. The Coyotes' decision reflects the seriousness of the off-ice situation, which has evidently caused enough concern within the organization to warrant such drastic action.

A year before his draft year, Galchenyuk posted 83 points in 68 games. However, he missed his entire draft year but still managed to be picked at third overall by the Montreal Canadiens.


He has career highs of 30 goals and 56 points which he registered with the Canadiens in 2015-16. In his 132 career games with the Coyotes, he has scored 25 goals and 62 points.

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