BREAKING: The verdict is in for Matthew Tkachuk's cross check on Garnet Hathaway

Published April 24, 2023 at 11:21
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Matthew Tkachuk is no doubt the engine of the team no matter which you throw him on. Maybe it's something that runs in the family, but it seems we've seen a new side to him since the playoffs began.

His trash talking has been elevated to a whole new level, and now it seems his physicality has done the same.

Towards the end of first period in game 4, Tkachuk came in full speed behind the net and cross-checked Hathaway in the ribs. The Bruin player collapsed to the ground and had a difficult time getting on his feet due to being winded.

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What has frustrated both players and fans alike is that Tkachuk only received a two minute minor.

The NHL reacted regarding the hit and has taken action against Tkachuk. He has been fined a total of $5000.

Luckily for Florida, it seems he will be available to face Boston as elimination stares them down.

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