Breaking: New Development in Erik Cernak's Injury

Published April 23, 2023 at 3:31 PM
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The Tampa Bay Lightning's playoff series against the Toronto Maple Leafs got off to a rocky start. Even though they managed to win the first game, top defenseman Erik Cernak suffered a dangerous collision with Michael Bunting and had to leave the ice. Unfortunately, Cernak has not been back since, and Bunting received a three-game suspension for the incident.

The Lightning are feeling the impact of Cernak's absence, as they failed to win a game since he was injured.

Jon Cooper just gave an important update on his health.

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New Development in Cernak's Injury

The Bolts have just announced that Cernak will be missing game four. This news is particularly concerning for the Bolts, as they are struggling without their top defenseman.

Despite the setback, there is still some hope for the Lightning. Coach Jon Cooper revealed that Cernak is not completely out for the rest of the playoffs. If Cernak's recovery progresses quickly, he may be able to return to the ice and help the team against Toronto, or possibly in the next round if the Lightning make it through.

As fans eagerly await news on Cernak's condition, we will continue to monitor his progress and provide updates. It is clear that the Lightning need Cernak back in the lineup if they hope to go deep in the playoffs.

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