Sean Avery In Serious Trouble after Recent Allegations

Published July 25, 2023 at 12:15

Sean Avery, who was known for causing trouble both on and off the ice during his time in the NHL, is back in the news for the wrong reasons.


Restraining Order Sheds Light on Avery's Disturbing Actions

In a disturbing turn of events, Avery recently received a restraining order, which means he has to stay away from his ex-wife and their three-year-old child. His ex-spouse made some shocking allegations about his behavior at home.

"I am scared of Sean, and feel threatened by this behavior and his acts of physical violence.

Sean also yells, swears, and name-calls on a constant basis. He follows me, trying to get me to engage. He has engaged in many instances of physical abuse against me and against third parties. Sean has also been physically and emotionally abusive to our son, Nash.

Sean became irritated that our son woke up sick in the middle of the night. He screamed at me (in front of Nash) to go get Nash's 'f**king medicine,' and then aggressively punched the wall in Nash's bedroom and then punched our bedroom door. (Nash witnessed this and was scared and grabbing on to me). Sean then followed me to the kitchen, and as I was trying to get Nash's medicine, he ripped the cabinet door open -- slamming my finger between the open cabinet and the wall. I was petrified of Sean and his physical and aggressive behavior.

Sean has screamed at Nash, Sean has purposefully endangered Nash by not putting him in his car seat properly; driving erratically; putting Nash in the front seat (without a car seat); smoking marijuana and then immediately driving with him; leaving his marijuana and cigarettes on the ground for Nash to access." - Avery's Ex-Wife, Hilary Rhoda

These are very serious allegations that need immediate attention and should not be ignored.

He's Still Working...

Despite the troubling accusations against him, Avery has been keeping busy after retiring from the NHL.

One example is his small role in Christopher Nolan's latest movie, 'Oppenheimer', where Avery has a few lines. He has appeared in Nolan's movies before, like 'Tenet'.

Even with the allegations, Nolan still chose to cast Avery.

We sincerely hope that everyone involved stays safe during these difficult times.

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Sean Avery In Serious Trouble after Recent Allegations

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