Insider Reveals Major Information Regarding Auston Matthews' Extension

Published July 25, 2023 at 8:21
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Nick Kypreos, always known to stir the pot, recently shared some major insights on his Sportsnet FAN590 radio show concerning Auston Matthews' ongoing contract talks with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

New Informations by Kypreos


When asked by JD Bunkis about potential developments in the negotiations, Kypreos offered an intriguing thought. He suggested that Matthews and his representative, Judd Moldaver, might be awaiting the conclusion of William Nylander's contract discussions before making their move. Surprisingly, he also shared a specific figure that Matthews might be aiming for:

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"Well it's when Matthews and his agent Judd decide and I don't know whether we're in a blinking contest or not between Nylander or Matthews or who needs to go first. But, if I'm Auston Matthews I'm not holding my breath on Nylander's contract getting done at all at any time this summer. So how far does Matthews want to go into the season now without a contract?"

"And If it is as close as everybody's reporting and everybody that I've talked to says it's a $13.5 AAV, then what is the term? I think for me the biggest decision right now, which I think Auston can't decide on or they haven't made a final decision is, is how many years will, what we believe is a $13.5 AAV, last?"

Short-Term to Gain More in the Future?

So, according to Kypreos, the annual average value of $13,500,000 is a safe bet, but the duration of the contract remains up in the air. Matthews probably believes he could secure a bigger paycheck in the future by opting for a shorter-term deal now, until the salary cap increases.

Another point Kypreos raises is the degree of risk Matthews is willing to take by going deeper into the upcoming season without securing an extension. Every day of waiting increases the risk of a career-threatening injury, a risk Matthews may not want to take, despite the ongoing Nylander negotiation.

No matter the true circumstances behind these discussions, one thing's clear: Leafs fans are eager to see Matthews seal the deal as soon as possible and for the longest duration possible.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Insider Drops Major Bombshell Regarding Auston Matthews' Next Contract
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