NHL Controversially Implementing Mandatory Protective Gear For New Players

Published March 13, 2023 at 7:11 PM

The NHL has been facing an alarming increase in injuries caused by skate blade cuts over the past few seasons, and the league is now looking into measures to prevent such incidents from happening. This season, in particular, has seen some severe injuries, including Evander Kane of the Oilers suffering from multiple tendon and artery cuts in his wrist.

Recently, both Ryan Johansen of the Predators and Tyler Seguin from the Stars have also been seriously injured due to skate cuts. To address this issue, the NHL is considering making it mandatory for all new players entering the league to wear cut-resistant equipment.

According to TSN's Chris Johnston, the deputy commissioner Bill Daly has stated that the NHL is in talks with the NHLPA to make this happen.

''The NHL would like to get to a point where cut-resistant equipment is mandated for all new players entering the league, according to deputy commissioner Bill Daly. Talks are ongoing with the NHLPA on that issue.''

While some players may not be in favor of this change, it is necessary to ensure their safety as these injuries can be life-threatening.

In today's game, with the easy access to sharp skate blades, it is important to take measures to prevent accidents. The implementation of new cut-resistant equipment may lead to some amusing situations, but it is a small price to pay for the safety of players.

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NHL Controversially Implementing Mandatory Protective Gear For New Players

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