Brad Marchand Absolutely Destroys Paul Bissonnette Live on TV

Published March 13, 2023 at 11:14
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Yesterday night, Brad Marchand had the opportunity to absolutely roast Paul Bissonnette live on air.

Marchand Destroys Biznasty

In the midst of a brief intermission interview, Marchand was approached by the NHL network, where Bissonnette typically serves on the panel.

Upon realizing that his friend was absent, Marchand felt compelled to inquire.

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He a little hungover right now or what?

When informed by one of Bissonnette's fellow panelists that it happened to be the latter's birthday, Marchand an awesome response:

Was it?

Oh there you go, 50 comes quick.

Despite the fact that Bissonnette is merely 38 years old, Marchand playfully quipped that he might as well be 50 years old compared to his own continued presence on NHL ice.

With their ongoing banter, could it be that Marchand and Bissonnette have developed the most dynamic bromance in hockey? It certainly seems to be heading in that direction!

Source: HockeyFeed
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