LATEST: Winnipeg is Officially Moving to the United States

Published June 19, 2023 at 10:46

The Winnipeg Ice Sale and Relocation

The Winnipeg Ice, an illustrious CHL team, has been officially sold and is scheduled for relocation to the United States, thereby becoming the 7th CHL team to establish its base in America.

Past Accomplishments and Future Prospects

During the last season, the Winnipeg Ice outshone their competitors, topping the WHL in points. Their roster was bursting with top-tier talent, including multiple lottery picks and 6 NHL draft picks, positioning the Ice as a powerhouse in the league.

Despite only residing in Winnipeg for a relatively short span of 4 seasons, they carved out quite a successful path.

David White, the new owner, who purchased the franchise from the previous ownership, plans to continue this legacy of success in Washington State, with his sights set on seizing the elusive WHL championship.

Implications for the Winnipeg Jets

The departure of the Winnipeg Ice has provoked a sense of instability for another local team, the Winnipeg Jets.

The Ice's relocation seems to reaffirm the unsettling trend of even the most successful teams vacating for the US, potentially threatening the Jets' future in Winnipeg.

The city has already seen franchises moving to locations such as Atlanta, Houston, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Sacramento.

Considering their struggle with ticket sales and the consistent inability to fill the second-smallest arena in the NHL, there's a growing fear that the Jets might also seek greener pastures and opt for relocation.

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LATEST: Winnipeg is Officially Moving to the United States

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