Blockbuster Trade Proposal Would Reunite Trevor Zegras With Close Friend

Published June 19, 2023 at 8:56
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The Anaheim Ducks' Promising Position in the Draft

The Anaheim Ducks are sitting in a position of power with their number two pick in the current year's draft, a move that guarantees them a future cornerstone player. Adam Fantilli will likely be that high-value pick, marking the dawn of a transformative era for Anaheim.

This may be a signal of the team's intent to start anew, and amidst rumors of Trevor Zegras' contract renewal, it raises questions about the extent of the Ducks' strategic overhaul.

Montreal Canadiens' High-Value Draft and Potential Trade

Similarly, the Montreal Canadiens have a significant opportunity with the fifth overall pick in the draft, although they seem divided on their selection choice. This uncertainty could open the door for a major trade move, bringing in a recognized young talent.

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Interestingly, a player like Trevor Zegras, who happens to be good friends with star winger Cole Caufield, could be an exciting addition to the Canadiens' line-up.

Check out this tweet for more insights:

The Mock Trade: Zegras for the Fifth Pick and Harris


One proposed scenario involves a mock trade where Zegras would move to Montreal in return for the fifth overall pick and the promising offensive defenseman, Jordan Harris.

This potential exchange could deliver impressive results for both teams. The Ducks would secure Fantilli and an additional budding star, while the Canadiens could find themselves in a better competitive position sooner rather than later.

The only question is - would either side bite?

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