Toronto Media Outlet Launches a Surprising Trade Proposal Sending Bedard to Toronto

Published June 18, 2023 at 9:07 PM
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Bedard Makes Immediate Impact for Leafs

With the 2023 NHL Entry Draft just days away teams are preparing to solidify their roster for the 2023-2024 season. While some teams are in a rebuild stage and are looking to load up on draft picks, The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Win-Now mode.

After finally breaking through the first-round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, The Leafs are looking to win the teams first Cup since 1967. With Connor Bedard as the consensus first overall pick he would help the Leafs immediately. The problem however, Toronto is not scheduled to select until 28th overall. So how does Connor Bedard become a Maple Leaf?

Blackhawks & Maple Leafs Trade Scenario

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Toronto Maple Leafs Receive
- First Overall Pick 2023

Chicago Blackhawks Receive
- Auston Matthews
- 2nd round Pick 2023


While this trade is very unlikely to ever happen, as the Blackhawks are looking to rebuild their squad around a potential Superstar like Connor Bedard, as well as Matthews being paid $11.65 million for the next 2 seasons, it quite interesting to discuss the what ifs.

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