Junior Hockey Player Fights Refs and Opposing Team

Published October 16, 2023 at 2:46 PM

Youth sports has always had little scuffs and fights but overseas a youth game went to the extreme.

Youth Player Goes After Players and Refs

It was a blowout score in favor of the team in white in the third period. One player from the black team decided to take matters in their own hands.

Instead of getting back by scoring goals but by fighting, as seen in the video #79 initiates a fight with a player from team white, while in the fight the linesman break up the fight, #79 was not done fighting.

As the video shows, the black team player decides to take the rest of his anger out on the linesman that were breaking up the fight.

What Is To Come of #79?

There has been no news on what is going to happen to the player that fought the refs.

The most likely outcome is at least a full year suspension, with the possibility of being permanently banned from playing in the league.

Regardless of how the game is going, fighting is never the answer. Especially fighting an unsuspecting ref who was just doing their job of breaking up the fight.

As Seen on Blade of Steal - Youth hockey player tries to take on two linesmen after fight
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Junior Hockey Player Fights Refs and Opposing Team

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