Beer League Player Losses It and Throws a Bucket at an Official

Published March 30, 2023 at 1:53 PM

Hockey players and referees are natural enemies, it seems that no matter what level you watch, you'll always see arguments between the two. The creation of social media has allowed people to share videos of these disagreements, although they're entertaining to watch, it creates concern that these videos might inspire people and create more conflict.

Adult Beer League Player Hurled a Bucket at a Referee

Check out the footage:

The video shows a beer league player, who seems to be having some sort of disagreement with a referee, the ref eventually ejects the player from the game. The player responded by throwing a bucket of pucks onto the ice.

Luckily, the bucket was too heavy and fell to the ice before it had the chance to hit anybody. The incident did not cause any injuries, but it annoyed everyone playing in the game because they had to delay the game to clean up the pucks.

This is a clear lack of sportsmanship, it is important to show good sportsmanship at any level, no matter what decision the referee makes.

It's true that we do not see much context in the video, for example, what did the player say to the ref that resulted in his ejection? Do the two have a history of arguing? Either way, the video still shows a complete lack of respect and sportsmanship.

The player will most likely receive a suspension for throwing the bucket.

Poor sportsmanship seems to be more prevalent in hockey lately. Here's another example from a beer league, where things got way out of hand. People seem to be forgetting that the goal of recreational hockey is to socialize, get some exercise and have fun.

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Beer League Player Losses It and Throws a Bucket at an Official

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