This One Decision Made 25 Years Ago May have Costed the Leafs a Stanley Cup

Mackenzie Stern-Kolesnikow
March 30, 2023  (8:55)

He may not be immediately considered one of the greatest, but David Poile really is the most successful GM of all time. Some shocking news has recently been revealed.

Poile Could Have Been the Leafs GM in 1997

It is rare to see a GM last for 26 years, but Poile has managed to stay their GM for longer than some of his current players' lives.
Throughout these 26 years, he has become one of the most successful GM's of all time. In fact, he broke the record for most wins as a GM back in 2018, imagine if he brought his success to Toronto instead. A recent report indicates that it almost happened.
Poile took the job with the Predators back when they formed, he has been with the team since day 1, but when he chose the Predators it wasn't his only choice.
During an interview with Frank Seravalli, Poile explained that he was offered the position as the Leafs GM.
Poile successfully brought the Predators to a Cup finals, which is something most Leafs fans dream of.
Poile was adamant that the key to his successful career was by joining an expansion team:
"Just the existing franchise... just the trials and tribulations of an expansion franchise, even in his own experiences, he didn't last that long in either of those jobs because teams aren't very good and go through a number of general managers, coaches, the players... because how the draft was at that time... they don't last that long, you aren't given players like Vegas and Seattle. I understood that but that's what I wanted to do and I am so happy that I did that and it probably fit my personality really well... I've been here for 26 years, if I went to a another franchise, I don't think that would've happened."

Fans can only wonder what would have happened if Poile took the offer from the Leafs, it is possible that this decision costed the Leafs a Stanley Cup.