NHL Team Temporarily Modifies Their Logo

Published March 30, 2023 at 11:45
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The Seattle Kraken are one the newest expansions to the NHL, it has quickly become the model for future expansion teams. The Kraken have escaped the usual struggles that expansion teams have faced in the past.

The NHL has learnt from their experiences with the Senators, Ducks and other expansion franchises, and have allowed Seattle to develop quickly. The fact that the NHL charges $650 million to join the league and the recent renovation of the old Key Arena Complex have certainly helped Seattle.

Seattle has Made a Temporary Modification to Their Logo


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To celebrate the beautiful surroundings of Seattle, the Kraken have modified their logo and their jerseys for a special «Green Night.»

Fans also love to buy NHL jerseys, so it is not surprising that Seattle has decided to make a new, special jersey that they can sell.

As seen on Hockeypatrol - BREAKING: NHL Team Officially Changes its Logo Temporarily
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