Referee Gets Knocked Out by Hockey Player After Being Thrown Out of the Game

Published July 30, 2023 at 10:09
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Referees and hockey players have always had heated relationships. Many times during the heat of battle players and referees disagree on call. This was taken to an extreme in a USPHL game recently.

A Simple Penalty Turns Into Mayhem

During a USPHL game between the Southshore Kings and the Wilkes/Barre Scranton Knights.

The video shows a puck coming up the ice and both player and referee are watching the puck skating up. The player with the puck goes to brace for contact from a forechecker who misses. This causes him to run into the referee who he decides to give an extra shove once the accidental contact is over. Once the referee is shoved he immediately stops play and throws the player out.

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This leads the player to start skating off the ice only to turn and punch the referee right in the face as he passes by.

The player was ejected and escorted off the ice. The referee would go on to be okay but now the player will face the consequences of his actions.

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