Former Flames Coach Fights Fan Favorite In The Locker Room

Published July 29, 2023 at 8:34 PM
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When the name Darryl Sutter is mentioned on social media or to fans many think of the toxic culture that drove stars like Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk to new destinations. Recently we got an inside look into the culture from one of the pieces of the Tkachuk trade Mackenzie Weegar.

Mackenzie Weegar Goes Podcasting

In an appearance on the Missin' Curfew Podcast, Weegar talked about how a change was definitely needed. One story he shares as to the level of toxicity in the locker room was the constant fighting between coach Sutter and veteran Mikael Backlund.

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Weegar tells that after Backlund was not named captain of the team by Sutter a long-lasting dislike between the pair began. Fights would often end in expletive-filled shouting and no resolution.

Weegar also shared that many others in the locker room thought Backlund deserved to be captain.

Changes Made In Calgary

Due to the toxic culture and the lack of any true success on the ice Darryl Sutter was relieved of his duties. As for Mikael Backlund, he will return to the Flames and potentially get a shot at captaining the team he has spent his entire NHL career with. The Flames will look to get back on track and fight for a playoff spot again in the upcoming season.

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