Latest Video of Milan Lucic Worries Bruins Fans

Published July 12, 2023 at 2:55 PM
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Fans are Worried for Lucic

Milan Lucic, who played 1,173 NHL games and delivered 3,263 hits since the start of his career, is no stranger to the physical demands of the sport.

His career has taken a toll on his body, and fans are only noticing it now.

The Bruins recently shared a video that has sparked some rumors. It's a seemingly harmless video of Lucic in action, but his posture has raised some concerns.

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Fans have mixed opinions about the video. Some are genuinely worried about what they see, expressing sincere concern for their beloved hockey star. On the other hand, some are using this as an opportunity for humor and amusement.

Lucic Talks About his Condition

Despite the concerns, Lucic assures everyone that he's doing well. In a previous statement, he explained the cause of his unusual posture.

"When I was 15, my mom noticed I couldn't straighten up. My back, it was crooked. Doctors did some tests and told me I had something called Scheuermann's disease. They tell me it's a condition that, while painless, causes the upper back to curve." - Milan Lucic

Lucic's revelation about living with Scheuermann's disease not only alleviated fan concerns but also inspired many who are dealing with the same condition, making him a source of hope.

As seen on House of Hockey - Video Surfaces That Has Fans Worried For Lucic's Health
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