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John Klingberg Opens Up About What he Brings to Toronto

Published July 12, 2023 at 10:08

Can Klingberg Lead Toronto to Success?


In order to strengthen their defense for the upcoming season, Brad Treliving took a risk by signing John Klingberg. While some people were surprised by this decision, Treliving believes that Klingberg is the right choice for the team.

Klingberg had an impressive start to his NHL career, but he has faced some challenges in recent seasons, especially when it comes to his defensive skills.

Michael Russo from The Athletic once commented on Klingberg's playing style, saying:

"One of the scariest defensemen I've ever watched. Man, does he take some unbelievable risks that put his teams in tough positions."

Addressing these concerns, Klingberg admitted his past mistakes and showed maturity and growth:

"You're trying to get your game in order, and you're trying to do too much. And all of a sudden, you put yourself in situations where you hurt the team—and that's something that I've been dealing with my entire career. ... I learned that lesson many times."

Klingberg's Contribution to the Leafs

When asked about his strengths and what he brings to the Leafs, Klingberg confidently said:

"When I'm at my best, I think I play a pretty solid game defensively and then join the rush and be involved in the O-zone and try to get as many shots as I can on the power play and five-on-five, and just try to be creative."

Brad Treliving echoed Klingberg's confidence and set high expectations for his performance:

"He was great. I thought he got up and down the ice very well. He's a guy who can break out the puck by himself very well. He brings the puck up into the offensive zone. If there's a turnover, he skates so well that he can get back and support the D-man.

"He's very good on the power play. Holds the puck and drags it across the blue line very well. He can really power-play it up there. So, I think he's gonna be good for the power play."

The anticipation of seeing Klingberg in action, especially during power plays, has us excited.

Klingber signed a one-year deal and will likely try to prove himself to get another deal next summer.

How many points do you think he'll score this season?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Klingberg reveals what he can bring to the Maple Leafs
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John Klingberg Opens Up About What he Brings to Toronto

How many points do you think Klingberg will score this season?

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