Flyers Apologize After Employee Disses Media Member

Published July 11, 2023 at 8:32 PM
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The Flyers have apologized after an employee dissed a media member after she simply asked a question.

Flyers Forced To Apologize

The Philadelphia Flyers have released a public apology regarding a recent incident that saw a team employee diss a female reporter. Giana Han of the Inquirer asked a simple question and an employee reacted in an inappropriate manner.


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The video had fans outraged and they did not hold back.



The Video

Here is the video of the incident which saw a Flyers employee say the following:

"How many times is she going to ask this f---ing question?"

This is outright unacceptable behavior. Disappointing look from the Flyers as this is not the first incident of this sort. Another Inquirer reporter, Olivia Reiner, faced a similar problem as well.

The Flyers' apology is just the first step as there is still more work to be done in hockey culture.

As seen on MarkerZone - Flyers Release Apology After Social Media Team Disrespects Reporter
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