Player Agent Calls Out Gary Bettman and The Salary Cup Issue

Published July 11, 2023 at 4:58 PM

It's been a long time since Allan Walsh, the agent for players including Marc-André Fleury, has been a fan of Gary Bettman. One could even say that, in his opinion, the commissioner is hurting hockey and the NHL.

Following Steve Yzerman's comment that "it's not the finances that are holding the Red Wings back, it's the salary cap", Walsh took advantage of the momentum to attack Bettman once again.

"For those who are misinformed and believe the commissioner when he said "we need a salary cap so the big markets don't win the Cup every year", here are the 10 winners before the salary cap era.

1995 - NJ
1996 - Colorado
1997 - Detroit
1998 - Detroit
1999 - Dallas
2000 - NJ
2001 - Colorado
2002 - Detroit
2003 - NJ
2004 - Tampa Bay

Ticket prices are purely a function of supply and demand and have no correlation with player salaries. Gary promised fans that the lockout was "for them" in order to reduce ticket prices. Immediately after the lockout, ticket prices rose by an average of 28%."

Allan Walsh

The agent is referring to the fact that no big market like Toronto, New York, Boston or Montreal won the Cup in the 10 years prior to the salary cap.

He also gives a glaring example, as Marian Hossa signed for one year and 7.4 million with the Red Wings in 2008, while Alex DeBrincat has just signed for 7.875 million while the franchise's value is skyrocketing.

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Player Agent Calls Out Gary Bettman and The Salary Cup Issue

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