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Former Leafs Prospect Goes to Jail

Published July 11, 2023 at 2:54 PM

A few years ago, Gabriel Gagne was a promising youn player in the NHL, hailed as a talented rookie destined for greatness. However, his career never took off as expected, and he ended up playing mostly in the AHL.


Gagne's Journey

Gagne played for the Belleville Senators, the Rockford Ice Hogs, and the Toronto Marlies. While his time with the Marlies wasn't particularly memorable, it's worth mentioning. He managed to score a modest 7 points in 22 games.

Sadly, his downfall came as a result of poor performances on the ice and questionable behavior off the ice.

But it was the events of the 2020-21 season that led to his retirement from professional hockey, triggered by allegations of sexual assault.

Major Allegations

Gagne has now left the ice rink behind and found himself in the cold, harsh environment of a prison. He is now facing legal consequences, having admitted to charges of harassment and making death threats. These charges are related to a series of disputes with his ex-girlfriend over a three-year period. As a result, he has been sentenced to six months in prison.

Court documents reveal a disturbing side of Gagne, showcasing evidence of threatening messages he sent to his ex-girlfriend. In one of his texts, he ominously suggested, "I'm going to kick the s--t out of you."

He even went so far as to create fake accounts to continue his harassment, persisting despite her attempts to block him.

In addition to the charges he has already confessed to, Gagne is also facing more serious accusations of sexual assault from two separate incidents. These allegations are currently pending, and if found guilty, he could face a much longer stay behind bars.

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Former Leafs Prospect Goes to Jail

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