Penguins were Extremely Close in Landing Top Tier Defensemen on July 1st

Published July 12, 2023 at 1:29 PM
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Possible Arrival of Karlsson in Pittsburgh

Speculation regarding Erik Karlsson's next career move is gaining traction. Fans are curious and expectant, awaiting the disclosure of his future team.

Unexpectedly, a breakthrough seems near, given the strong interest from Kyle Dubas in welcoming him to Pittsburgh.

Recent information revealed a potential trade almost being finalized, but unfortunately, it was called off in the nick of time.

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Josh Yohe of The Athletic disclosed:

"In recent times, I mentioned that the Penguins were on the brink of acquiring Karlsson on July 1. A deal was almost sealed that morning - a move that would have shaken the hockey world on what is already a tumultuous day.

It's clear that Kyle Dubas has a strong liking for him. But does that indicate a sure deal? The outcome is as unpredictable as your guess. However, there's undeniably a genuine likelihood."


The Trade That Never Was

Here's an outline of the proposed trade that fell through:

In favor of Pittsburgh:
Erik Karlsson
The Sharks bear $4.5 million per annum for the remainder of the four-year contract of Karlsson (40 percent)

In favor of San Jose:
Jeff Petry
Penguins' first-round pick for 2024 (top-5 protected)
Ty Smith
Samuel Poulin
Penguins' second-round pick for 2025

The proposal seemed balanced - Karlsson's worth is extremely high, and the Penguins have proposed an enticing package to bring him on board.

Should this deal continue to be unsuccessful, Dubas might contemplate revising his proposal.

Given other teams' interest in the defenseman, he might feel urged to settle this matter swiftly.

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