John Tortorella Roasts His Own Medical Staff

Julien Trekker
March 17, 2023  (1:20 PM)

The Philadelphia Flyers have been struggling, and it appears the situation may be more dire than initially thought. Today, Head Coach John Tortorella revealed troubling details about the team's medical staff and their past failures, which should be concerning for both players and staff.

John Tortorella Rips The Flyers' Medical Staff


"I think there's a huge scab on this organization with the medical situation that was prior. I was hired on June 16th, and my first thought was how to figure this out so the players can be treated properly. I didn't realize when I took the job just how long some of the medical problems had been mishandled; it's been going on for years here. I'm not criticizing any specific person, but it has been a mess.

It's still something on our to-do list. I think they've done a better job at not jumping into operations, as I believe happened here. Tommy and his staff have improved a lot.

We've spent a lot of time trying to stabilize some off-the-ice issues this year. Players can be difficult when it comes to this, but Tommy has done a really good job handling it.

Three important guys here—Coots, TK, Atkinson—are stubborn. The history with the medical staff has led to a lack of confidence among players. Chuck and Barry have put a lot of effort into trying to fix this."
Tortorella also discussed the players' lack of trust in the medical staff, which poses a significant risk for everyone involved. In light of reports suggesting Flyers players may have suffered career-ending injuries, like Ryan Ellis, it's evident that the franchise needs a comprehensive overhaul of the department.
With Chuck Fletcher gone, the Flyers will hopefully rebound and restore their former glory as they work to address the major challenges that have plagued the franchise recently.