Nick Suzuki Loses Control And All Hell Broke Loose During Crazy Game Against The Panthers

Published March 17, 2023 at 9:31
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Despite the Canadiens' 9-5 loss to the Panthers in a wild match, Captain Nick Suzuki was resolute in not giving up without a battle.

Suzuki Got Ejected After A Dangerous Cross Check

Ten goals were scored in the first period, leading to heightened tensions between the two teams.

As the frustration grew, Habs Captain Nick Suzuki lost his composure and cross-checked the young center Anton Lundell near the Panthers' bench.

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The captain received a game misconduct.

Jonathan Kovacevic was also ejected.

Suzuki commented the situation after the game:

#Habs Nick Suzuki on his ejection: "I got him on the top of the helmet, it wasn't under his visor. He kinda took a weird run at me, I gave him a shot, a little scrum...I don't think I did anything that bad - probably the refs just trying to control the game & call a penalty

Suzuki's conduct was disappointing for a captain, but given the intensity of the game, it's hard to fault him for losing his cool.

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