Ryan Reaves Makes Fun Of Jordan Binnington During Interview

Published March 16, 2023 at 8:49 PM
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Ryan Reaves has been making waves in the world of hockey as a skilled athlete and a charismatic personality. Although his reputation as a tough guy is well-earned thanks to his prowess in throwing punches on the ice, it's his quick wit and humorous commentary that have endeared him to fans around the world.

During a recent post-game interview, Reaves talked with Paul Bissonnette about the latest antics from the St. Louis Blues' goalie, Jordan Binnington. Reaves couldn't help but poke fun at Binnington's foolish behavior, particularly after his previous feud with Marc-Andre Fleury.

Ryan Reaves Chirps Jordan Binnington During Live Interview

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"I don't know exactly what he was doing. He just got buried on, took a five minute penalty and he's trying to fire up the crowd. Hey, appreciate the power play I guess." - Ryan Reaves

It's impossible not to be entertained by Ryan Reaves' recent interview alongside Paul Bissonnette. The duo's playful banter and seamless chemistry make for an enjoyable viewing experience that will leave fans wanting more.

Reaves' charismatic personality and natural talent for humor would make him a perfect fit for television. There's no doubt that he has a future in broadcasting once his player career comes to a close. With his infectious smile and quick wit, Reaves would undoubtedly win over audiences and become a beloved figure in the sports media world.

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