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Stecher and Cotter Drop the Gloves and Have the Fight of the Season

Published March 17, 2023 at 8:53

The Calgary Flames are currently experiencing a challenging season, with low odds of making it to the playoffs. Nonetheless, defenseman Troy Stecher is determined to put up a fight until the very end.

Stecher and Cotter had an insane fight!

During a recent game against the Vegas Golden Knights, Stecher engaged in a physical altercation with forward Paul Cotter, resulting in an intense and exciting brawl that delighted the fans in attendance. This level of aggression and energy between two skilled players is a rarity in hockey, making it a memorable moment for spectators.

Despite the Flames' struggles, Stecher's unwavering determination and willingness to battle it out on the ice demonstrate his dedication to the sport and his team. The fiery passion and intensity displayed in his fight with Cotter serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, players can still show grit and tenacity.

As seen on Hockeypatrol - Stecher and Cotter Obliterate Each Other in the Fight of the Season
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Stecher and Cotter Drop the Gloves and Have the Fight of the Season

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