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Video Emerges of Insane Beer League Fight

Published July 25, 2023 at 12:42

We all know that hockey can be a beautiful game, filled with sportsmanship and class. We also know that sometimes this game can get very out of hand, leading players to act violently towards one another in the heat of the moment.

Violent Beer League Fight

A video is currently going viral on Twitter which shows a crazy incident between multiple players during a Beer League game.

It looks like the players on the bench were saying something unsavory to the player in orange and white, which prompted the latter to skate over and begin swinging his stick at them in a violent manner.

If you watch closely, you can count four slashes from the player in orange and white, as well as a single cross-check.

Poor Teammates

It was quickly noted that the players on the bench stood around and watched as their teammate took blow after blow from his attacker.

While we agree that teammates should always stick up for one another in a moment like this, we acknowledge that it's hard to put yourself in harm's way, especially when you see someone swinging a stick like that.

We hope that everyone involve din this incident made it out ok, and that no one was seriously injured.

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July 25   |   28 answers
Video Emerges of Insane Beer League Fight

Should this player ever be allowed back in the league?

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No1864.3 %
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