J.T. Miller Completely Buried Cole Smith after Dirty Sucker Punch

Published March 7, 2023 at 11:38
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Under the guidance of new head coach Rick Tocchet, the Vancouver Canucks have been making strides in their performance on the ice. In their most recent game against the Nashville Predators, the Canucks secured a 4-3 shootout victory, showcasing the impact of Tocchet's new approach.

A New Direction Under Rick Tocchet

Since taking over as head coach, Tocchet has implemented a more physical and aggressive style of play, which is a significant shift from the Canucks' previous coach, Bruce Boudreau. This change was clearly evident in the game against the Predators, despite the fact that neither team is currently in playoff contention.

J.T. Miller Stands Up to Dirty Sucker Punch

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During the game, Canucks forward J.T. Miller was targeted by Predators' Cole Smith, who threw a series of sucker punches at him. However, Miller refused to be intimidated and responded by dropping Smith to the ice. This incident was a clear indication of the new culture that Tocchet is instilling in Vancouver - one where the Canucks are not afraid to stand up for themselves and play a more aggressive style of hockey.

The Impact of Tocchet's New Approach

The Canucks' victory over the Predators demonstrates the impact of Tocchet's new approach. By encouraging his team to play a tougher and more physical game, Tocchet has instilled a new sense of confidence in the Canucks. This newfound confidence was on full display in the game against the Predators, as the Canucks refused to back down and fought hard for the win.

Looking Ahead

As the Canucks continue to adjust to Tocchet's new approach, it will be interesting to see how this impacts their performance in the remainder of the season. If the Canucks can continue to play with the same level of intensity and aggression, they could potentially secure a spot in the playoffs. One thing is for certain - under Tocchet's leadership, the Canucks are playing a more exciting and dynamic style of hockey.
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