Timo Meier Gets Dissed by Former Teammate Liam O'Brien on a Hot Mic

Published March 6, 2023 at 9:31 PM
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Liam O'Brien and Timo Meier share a history of playing three years of junior hockey together. However, they are now rivals in the NHL. A hot mic captured a hilarious argument between the two.

O'Brien Roasts Former Teammate

During his debut game as a member of the Devils, Meier scored an impressive goal, but he also became the target of a joke from his former teammate Liam O'Brien.

Junior hockey players are often known to be very active with women, and O'Brien referenced this reputation in the hot mic incident with Meier.

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You probably didn't bang a single girl in Halifax... you're so f***ing ugly

Meier, who is on the verge of securing a huge contract, is likely to have no trouble attracting women in the future. Meanwhile, O'Brien has to live playing in a rink that is usually used for college-level hockey.
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