Bruins' Attempted Trade with the Flames Sends Shockwaves Through NHL

Published March 7, 2023 at 9:14
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The Boston Bruins have strengthened their lineup with the additions of Dmitry Orlov and Tyler Bertuzzi, setting themselves up for a successful Stanley Cup run. However, it seems that they had their sights set on another player as well.

Bruins Attempted to Reunite With Milan Lucic

The Bruins made an attempt to bring back Milan Lucic, their former second-round draft pick in the game-changing 2006 NHL draft, where they also picked up Phil Kessel and Brad Marchand. Lucic was known for his intimidating physical presence on the ice during his over-decade-long career as one of the NHL's top enforcers.

Although he may not be the same 60-point scorer he once was, Lucic still poses a significant threat on the ice and is a challenging player to face. Despite his $5.25-million salary cap hit, including $750k retained by the Edmonton Oilers, the Bruins tried to make a reunion happen, as per Elliotte Friedman.

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Friedman Reveals Rumour

On an episode of the 32 Thoughts podcast, Friedman was going over some weird trade rumours:

The wildest one I actually heard, and it obviously didn't happen, was Lucic and Boston, about the possibility of him going and having one last ride with the Bruins. I don't know if it even happened. Someone said to me they heard that rumour, but I don't know if that even happened.
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