Leafs are Top Contender to Get Top Goalie Prospect

Published August 28, 2023 at 1:03 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have long been on the hunt for a top goaltender. With Joseph Woll emerging as a promising option, another potential star is making waves, albeit more quietly, outside the Leafs' inner circle.

Emerging Star at Training Camp

Rastislav Elias, a goaltender who's been a regular face at the Leafs development camp over the past few years, has left a significant impression on the coaching staff and front office. Buzz suggests he could be on track for a contract offer from the Leafs.


After stints with various USHL teams, Elias is set to join HIFK for the upcoming season. Some speculate the Leafs might have had a hand in this move.

Is Elias Heading to Toronto?

While Elias's shift to North America might still be a couple of years away, the Leafs appear to be frontrunners in securing his services when the time comes.

"The org likes him and had some influence on his move to HIFK. He's been to the past two Dev Camps in Toronto too."

Though Elias is still developing as a goaltending prospect, he could very well be a strategic play for the Leafs in the future. His performance at the U-18 WJC indicates he has what it takes to be an NHLer.

Elias believed in his chances to be drafted by the Leafs this year, but with only three draft picks, they opted for other players instead. However, he stated that he believes his path will lead him to Toronto eventually.

"The signs are probably still there, but it also depends on how many draft picks they have. This year they only had three. I'm just imagining things, but because I stayed in touch with them and they pushed me on the way to HIFK, maybe they have some kind of path prepared for me."

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Leafs are Top Contender to Get Top Goalie Prospect

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