Unique Opportunity Awaits Matthews with Long-term Commitment to Leafs

Published June 17, 2023 at 3:07 PM
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If Matthews decides to stay in Toronto long term, he could gain more respect from his teammates and the city if he proves to be worthwhile.

Opportunity For Matthews If He Signs Long-Term

While Auston Matthews has been a star since day one, his leadership has taken a bit to develop. Contrary to Connor McDavid who became the Oilers captain at 19 years old, Matthews is yet to wear the C for the Maple Leafs.

Obviously, the Leafs are a more storied franchise, but the point still stands. Matthews has not become the leader one would expect out of a Hart-winning player. However, if he decides to sign long-term, he could be the next captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Reports have said that a Matthews extension could be anywhere from 3 years to 8 years. With John Tavares' contract with the Leafs expiring in 2 years, a long-term deal for Matthews could see him become the next captain.

It is likely the Leafs resign Tavares after his contract expires and he retains his captaincy but he will almost certainly retire in the next 8 years, which would allow Matthews to become the next captain of the Maple Leafs.

The next question is if Matthews is captain material. Right now, is the Leafs his team? Is Toronto his home and is he willing to go to battle every day to protect it? These are captain qualities and it is unclear if Matthews is captain material just yet.

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - Leafs could entice Matthews with a unique opportunity if he signs long-term
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