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Toronto Maple Leafs Under Scrutiny for Salary Cap Scandal

Published July 26, 2023 at 7:22 PM

On Wednesday, the Toronto Maple Leafs shocked the world when they announced that Matt Murray would likely be heading to LTIR, instead of the buyout that many believed was on the way in the wake of the Ilya Samsonov arbitration ruling.

A shock decision


However, despite serving as the team's backup goaltender in the second round loss to the Florida Panthers, the Leafs are looking to save cap space by putting Murray on LTIR, a move that has drawn the ire of many fans.

Given that he was healthy enough to be a backup just three months ago, Murray stated during his exit interviews that he was fully healthy and ready to go for 2023-24, so it appears something fishy is happening in Toronto.

Salary cap hell

If the Leafs were to release Murray, they would have $2 million in dead cap for the upcoming year, and with the team being already $12 million above the cap ahead of the 2023-campaign, but with this move and Jake Muzzin on LTIR, they find themselves just $2 million over.

Ultimately, it's unclear whether this is an issue that will be looked into, but fans all over Twitter are outraged at the news of today, and unless the NHL does something, this could be a way for teams to exploit the LTIR even more than they have been.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Under Scrutiny for Salary Cap Scandal

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