Toronto' Insane All-Star Game Ticket Prices Unveiled

Published August 18, 2023 at 12:35

The NHL All-Star Weekend promises to be a highlight of the sports year, yet it seems that just like their beloved Maple Leafs, the NHL has priced many fans in Toronto out of this grand event.

Ticket Prices Going Overboard


Toronto, widely recognized as one of the priciest cities in both Canada and North America, never suggested that prime rink-side seats would go for a mere $100, but the current situation is a little extreme.

A recent tweet by Editor in Leaf has revealed that the least expensive tickets are demanding a whopping $500 for a perch in the nosebleeds, while the premium seats are burning a hole in fans' pockets of $5,000 per seat!

To give you some perspective, here's a snapshot from the EditorinLeaf himself, sharing his ticket-buying experience for a Maple Leafs game:

Searching for seats for three to watch the game together was futile, but that didn't matter in the end, as the least expensive tickets were priced at $900 apiece.

Just last year, I bought a pair of tickets behind the net for a Leafs and Rangers game, which cost me $500. It was a splurge, but it was feasible, and the view from the seats was splendid.

In contrast, the most affordable tickets for the all-star game are way up in the rafters.

When I checked again today, I did spot some cheaper options – but they were still priced at $757 per ticket (and again, these are in the 300 section).

I'm not sure I'd fork out $1500 to attend any game, but if I did, I'd expect a front-row view of the players.

Out of Reach

As it stands, the lowest-priced seat currently available on TicketMaster is $586. For kids, families, and everyday fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the world's best NHL players in action during a weekend of pure fun, this is far from ideal.

While the excitement and buzz around the All-Star weekend are sure to sell out seats by the time the event kicks off, the NHL should reconsider the pricing strategy for future events. Making them more accessible to all fans should be a top priority.

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Toronto' Insane All-Star Game Ticket Prices Unveiled

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