Trade Rumors Swirl Around Leafs Winger as New Details Emerge

Julien Trekker
August 18, 2023  (10:06)

The Toronto Maple Leafs are having a busy summer under new GM Brad Treliving, and there's still plenty of action ahead. A blockbuster trade might be on the horizon.


Treliving to Trade Star?

Rumors are swirling around two of the Leafs' biggest superstars: Auston Matthews and William Nylander. Both have reportedly been in talks for a long-term extension in Toronto, but some say it could be one or the other.
TSN's Dave Feschuck sheds light on the potential scenario. According to Feschuck, if Nylander shows up to training camp without a signed contract, it could become a major distraction for the team.
"If training camp opens and those deals are not closed books then we have a problem. It'll be the conversation that sucks the oxygen out of the room. It'll be the only topic. if I'm betting I would bet that William Nylander is not gunna be done. Auston Matthews will be done but Nylander wont be. It's gunna be the daily Nylander watch....If it comes to having to make a deal and I think it might cause they're pretty far a part."

Could Nylander be on the Move?

Recent reports suggest that there's a considerable gap between what the Leafs and Nylander are looking for in a new deal. Feschuck thinks the 27-year-old's firm stance might ultimately lead to his departure.
"Nylander has a track record of being very staunch in his beliefs of what he's worth and the Leafs are very stanch in what they believe they can pay him. I don't think those two things connect and therefore the Leafs may be in a position where they have to make a move. You gotta trade him, you can't lose him for nothing... I know there's people saying you can have him as your own rental for the year and get the cap space the following summer, I understand but I don't love the idea of a guy on the way out playing without a contract, it doesn't bode well for me if I'm in that room."

With a reported $2 million gap in their negotiations (the Leafs are offering $8 million, while Nylander wants $10 million), it's looking more and more like something's got to give. One way or another, we're likely to see a resolution soon.