Rumours of the Coyote's New Home City Intensify

Published August 18, 2023 at 10:58

With the Coyote's continuous failure to find a home arena and lacklustre attendance, it appears an announcement of their new home could be inevitable.

Salt Lake City Coyotes

Rumours are intensifying that the Arizona Coyotes will be no more and that the team will instead move to Salt Lake City in Utah.


While these are just rumours, and nothing is official, Salt Lake City does make sense. Salt Lake City has the infrastructure to host an NHL Team in the Delta Centre (where the Jazz Play). This would also provide another market for fans in the West-Central region of the U.S, servicing Utah, as well as the southern parts of Wyoming and Idaho.


Arizona's Constant Struggles

Even as they continue to look for new places in Arizona to build, this just adds more drama and extends the amount of time the team will be homeless.

It is almost inevitable that the team should move out of Arizona. The failure to be able to build a new arena for the team is one thing, playing out of a college arena is another, but the lack of attendance at games is the nail in the coffin. It is time for the Coyotes to look elsewhere for a home.
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Rumours of the Coyote's New Home City Intensify

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