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The Leafs Appear to Have Dodged a Bullet in the Rasmus Sandin Trade

Published March 20, 2023 at 7:59

During his stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Rasmus Sandin often found himself receiving limited ice time and typically ranked as the team's seventh defenseman during the playoffs.

However, following a trade to the Washington Capitals just prior to the March 3rd trade deadline, Sandin was unexpectedly placed in a top-pairing position. The outcome has been a mixed bag, characterized by impressive offensive contributions but glaring defensive weaknesses.

A Star on Offense, A Liability on Defense?


In just 8 games with the Capitals, Sandin has amassed a remarkable 11 points, highlighting his potential as a skilled young offensive defenseman. However, his defensive game has been wanting, as evidenced by his -11 +/- rating during his tenure in Washington.

Tom Gulitti of NHL.com points out that Sandin has been on the ice for 13 of the 16 even-strength goals the Capitals have conceded in their last 4 games, an alarming statistic implying his significant role in the team's defensive woes.

While keeping in mind that hockey is a team sport and no single player can be held entirely accountable for a team's defensive shortcomings, Sandin's consistently negative influence on the ice prompts questions about his comprehensive skills.

Despite initial disapproval of the Sandin trade, it seems that Toronto's Kyle Dubas may have made a great move in acquiring valuable assets for a player whose abilities may not be as strong as originally expected.
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The Leafs Appear to Have Dodged a Bullet in the Rasmus Sandin Trade

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