Torey Krug Has Mental Breakdown in Penalty Box and is Kicked Out of the Game

Published March 19, 2023 at 10:17 PM
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It is difficult for fans to recall the last time they witnessed Torey Krug, the St. Louis Blues defenseman, displaying such rage.

During the Sunday night game between the Blues and the Jets, Krug did not participate for the full duration due to disagreements with the NHL referees overseeing the match.

Krug Loses His Cool!

Krug was justifiably given a roughing penalty after an incident with Jets forward Kevin Stenlund. The defenseman objected to the call when he discovered that he had been assigned a double minor for the play. Upon realizing he was given a 4-minute penalty instead of 2, Krug became irate in the penalty box. Although it is uncertain who the target of his frustration was, it is likely that he was upset with one of the referees, given the nature of hockey players.

As Krug furiously hit his stick against the penalty box glass, the officials responded by adding an additional 2-minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, a 10-minute misconduct, and a game misconduct. This resulted in Krug accumulating a total of 16 penalty minutes during the game's opening period.

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Here is a video showing Krug throwing a fit in the penalty box:

Blues media personality James Rutherford gave this hilarious play by play of the events:

As seen on Hockeyfeed - Krug goes ballistic, earns 16 penalty minutes and gets tossed from the game!
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