Connor McDavid Helps Evander Kane Make An Important Announcement

Published March 19, 2023 at 9:32 PM
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Evander Kane has faced significant controversy and negative publicity during his departure from the San Jose Sharks. However, since joining the Edmonton Oilers, he has managed to avoid further controversy and has integrated well with the team. On Sunday, fans saw a prime example of Kane's camaraderie with new captain Connor McDavid, who recently assisted him with an important announcement.

Kane and his girlfriend, Mara Teigen, are expecting another child, but they've kept the baby's gender a secret from Kane. The couple decided to do a gender reveal for their second child, with Connor McDavid participating in the event.

McDavid Joins Kane for the Big Reveal

With Teigen, Kane, and their two children on the ice, McDavid came out with a special puck—one that would burst upon impact, revealing the baby's gender. Kane took the shot, and here is the result:

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As reported by Hockey Patrol - Connor McDavid Helps Evander Kane Make a Special Announcement
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