Stanley Cup Champion to Replace Ryan O'Reilly in Toronto

Julien Trekker
June 19, 2023  (1:02 PM)

O'Reilly Won't Stay in Toronto

The Leafs are on the verge of making some big changes, as they have a staggering 22 players who will become free agents soon.
Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the team might not be able to keep everyone. Ryan O'Reilly might sign with another team when the free agents market opens up, unless he's willing to accept a lower salary.
It's definitely a tough task for Brad Treliving, the team's manager, to find a suitable replacement for O'Reilly.

Who Will Take O'Reilly's Place?

There's an interesting rumor circulating on Twitter, suggesting that the Leafs might consider adding a veteran player and potential future Hall of Famer to their team.
Jonathan Toews, the former captain of the Blackhawks.
"If we don't re-sign ROR, I wonder about Jonathan Toews. Had a pretty productive year when he did play (23G-48P pace) and has a championship pedigree. He'll score you a big goal or win you a big draw. $2M-$2.25M x 2 maybe."
Admittedly, Toews may not be as strong a player as he used to be. He has been dealing with health issues, and there are even talks of him retiring. However, there's still some hope. There's a possibility that he might be willing to continue his career with a new contract. Toews performed well when he was healthy last season.
Given his current situation, Toews might not be able to demand a high salary. If he wants to keep playing in the NHL, he might need to accept a lower paycheck.
This is where Treliving and Toews could have a conversation.
The opportunity to play for another original-six team and share the ice with talented players doesn't come every day.
Do you think Treliving should sign Toews at 2x$2,5M?