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Shane Doan's Perfect Trade Option for the Leafs Might Now Be on the Market

Published June 10, 2023 at 4:25 PM

Shane Doan's Potential Move in Arizona Coyotes

Shane Doan, with his significant connections with the Arizona Coyotes, may possibly be considering using these ties to secure a premier player for the team.

Potential Acquisition of Top Arizona Coyote Player

The performance of the Arizona Coyotes in recent years has been subpar and their financial stability has been equally challenging. Consequently, this has led them to contemplate offloading one of their star players, who is set to earn a significant amount in the near future.

Nick Schmaltz's Potential Trade

One of the team's shining lights has been Nick Schmaltz. Having scored 58 points in just 63 games, his performance equates to a pace of 75 points over the past two seasons. According to the trade board of The Athletic, Schmaltz, currently at number 13, could be an ideal choice for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Mock Trade Proposal

The proposed trade would look like this:

To Toronto Maple Leafs:
Nick Schmaltz

To Arizona Coyotes:
Timothy Liljegren, Boston 2023 first-round pick, Rodion Amirov

Financial Implications of the Potential Trade

While the Coyotes may struggle to comfortably accommodate Schmaltz's contract, the Leafs could comfortably do so. In fact, this would benefit the Leafs, as Schmaltz would be paid as his performance indicates, yet his cap hit would remain below $6 million.

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Shane Doan's Perfect Trade Option for the Leafs Might Now Be on the Market

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